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How Suppliers are using Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) to sell directly to Customers

Mobile Sales Force Automation aims to eradicate the challenges sales reps face while working on and off the field. This type of tool optimizes the sales process while providing the sales team with key tools, valuable resources and relevant information for their operation.

How COVID-19 brought us closer to the future

I remember reading an article about 6 months ago that talked about how world-class leading companies spend much of their time predicting the future of technology, regulations, demographics and the economy, thinking how this could affect their growth and sales pattern and planning their strategy based on those predictions. It was a great article, but no matter how many trends and plans the author has considered, I’m sure he couldn’t predict COVID-19, no one could.

Mobility as a Service: the present and the future of Mobility

Mobility as a service or “MaaS” represents the next revolution in mobility. This concept has been going around since 2016, when Helsinki (Finland) residents were able to use an app called “Whim” to plan and pay for all modes of public and private transportation within the city—be it by train, taxi, bus, carshare, or bikeshare. The vision of Kaj Pyyhtiä, co-founder of MaaS Global, was to create a movement in which all the actors go in the same direction at the same time, and he managed to materialize his vision through “Whim”.

Distribution in Latin American countries: understanding the challenges

Distribution is critical for any type of industry, it can make or break a business and that is a fact. Having the best price and promotion for a product is irrelevant if the product is not available at the points of sale where consumers can buy them, that’s why designing the path(s) by which these products must travel – known as distribution channels – is the key to every company’s success.