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Is Geolocation essential for your business?

Geolocation as a tool has become essential for all types of business, especially those whose operational processes involve mobility, transportation and / or distribution of any kind. Not  taking advantage of this tool puts you at a serious disadvantage compared to other businesses that, thanks to the digital transformation, have added this “feature” to their day-to-day operations.

The use of this type of technology not only allows you to know the location of places and directions to get there, but also to monitor and track your team, its activity in the field and the transactions associated with each client or point of interest. . This, in turn, translates into significant improvements in terms of time, operation, customer service and satisfaction. Let’s dig a little deeper:

  • Time: knowing where your team is at all times and the time invested in customer service, transit and waiting, allows you not only to carry out a correct route planning but also to find anomalies between the expected vs. executed.
  • Operation: GPS geolocation allows you to have the routes traceability of each representative or mobile user, which facilitates the comparison of what was planned and what was executed and the detection of those pain points that prevent these two items from aligning.
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction: knowing the transactions carried out at each point of interest and how they are being executed, is key when it comes to knowing whether the business rules are reaching the end customer appropriately. In addition, the possibility of configuring alerts when a transaction is compromised, allow Sales Supervisors & Managers to attend in real time the situations that warrant it, thus improving the customer experience and their loyalty.

These 3 aspects together are benefits that not only impact the Sales Manager or Leader, but also the whole business, so its implementation is almost a recipe for success, mainly in the CPG  industry where the size of teams requires global visibility, in real time and integrable to their daily used tools.

With this in mind, we developed XSales® Maps, a web and mobile app that takes the Sales Management to the next level. It’s a SaaS solution that can integrate to any Sales Force Automation tool (out-of-the-box to XSales® SFA) and combines the best of GPS map geolocation, alerting tools, breadcrumbing, transaction monitoring and business logic, ideal for today’s sales leaders who take full advantage of technology and innovation.

With XSales® Maps, you instantly answer all the key questions that as a Supervisor, you ask yourself in relation to the performance of your representatives, thus being able to make better and more timely decisions for your business.

Learn more about XSales® Maps here.

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