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At Sales® we deliver innovative tools that radically improve the overall performance of your company. Our mission is to make sales simpler, smarter and more productive at all levels and under any market situation.

Automate your Field Forces

XSales® SFA offers comprehensive coverage of your company’s sales cycle and integrates directly with your ERP.

Built with an intuitive mobile application and a robust server, this solution offers the most valuable information and powerful tools for your field reps, your supervisors and your business.

  • Your field reps will achieve peak performance during customer interaction, closing more sales.
  • Your supervisors will have a business logic that allow them to set parameters, generate reports, monitor the flow of information and visualize operations.
  • Your business will make good decisions every time by having on hand your company’s key data collected and processed.

Serve your Customers remotely

When your sales reps cannot visit your customers, XSales® Consumer offers an online self-service platform that allows suppliers to receive pre-sales orders directly from customers:

  • Without a sales reps’ presence.
  • At any time.
  • From anywhere.

With XSales® Consumer, suppliers can have more exposure, access new segments, sales channels and geographic areas, expanding their installed client base and increasing their sales, even in complex scenarios.

Improve your Supervisors’ performance

XSales® Maps keeps track of each route allowing complete monitoring of field teams.

Is a real time traceability tool with a visual GPS map representation of Transactions, its Owners (transaction creators) & Points of Interest (POIs) transmitted by any Work Force Automation app or external sources and powered by smart lists & filters, the widest setup configuration and a real comparison tool (planned vs. executed).

Manage your Android Apps

XSales® Store is a smart business platform that allows you to distribute mobile applications and updates to all your Company’s Android devices.

Its Administration Console allows the creation and management of different user groups according to their profiles and access levels.

These users will be able to access the Mobile Application, downloading it directly from Google Play Store to their mobile devices.



Empower your Mobile teams, Supervisors and Business with a rich set of powerful & easy-to-use and inovative tools features designed for field service companies of any size.

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