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Zebra TC25 validation and QLN320 series printers and ZQ320.

In XSales® Mobility we maintain a strategic business alliance with Zebra Technologies, which allows us to offer significant discounts on its robust devices and mobile printers and ensure the optimal functioning of our solution on its platforms.

Recently, we obtained the Zebra validation for the TC25 device and QLN320 & ZQ320 series printers, since the Zebra Validation Program was successfully completed. This validation program was designed by Zebra to improve the client’s confidence in the performance of the software applications developed for their products, which, in addition to offering a correct compatibility with XSales® Mobile, guarantees that all its functionalities and features run naturally and with superior user experience and performance.

To achieve the Zebra Validated seal, we had to adapt our solution and comply with the parameters established by Zebra: end-to-end integration and all functional tests. The Zebra Validated seal is obtained once the project has been completed allowing a harmonized adoption of the solution throughout the business.

Some of the advantages of using XSales® Mobile in validated equipment are:


  • Execution in native screen resolution that guarantees a correct visualization, interaction and execution of the XSales® Mobile functions.
  • Optimal integration and 100% seizing of components such as QR reader, GPS / A-GPS, camera, efficient battery consumption, among others.

QLN320 and ZQ320 series printers:

  • Pairing of printers without conflicts.
  • Updated drivers that guarantee optimal operation.
  • App-device connection interface certified by Zebra.

From XSales® we are committed to continue validating the performance of our solution in robust equipment that responds to the needs of the industry and our clients, thus providing the support of a first-line alliance.


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