XSales® and Zebra: Smart alliances, great accomplishments

At XSales® we give value to our commercial alliances and work constantly to generate and maintain a relationship full of bilateral benefits.

Today, it is the turn of exalting that we have developed with Zebra Technologies, having recently obtained the Validation seal on XSales® Mobile in their equipment: TC25 and printers QLN320 and ZQ320 series.

Obtaining the Zebra Validation Seal is a much greater achievement than enjoying your certification of compatibility, not only in the time required but in the planning and procedures necessary to achieve it. Through the Validation, Zebra guarantees its users and ours, that XSales® Mobile is not only able to operate on their devices, but that all its functionalities and features are executed naturally, optimally and offer a performance and experience of superior user.

This achievement allows us to access promotion and dissemination platforms of Zebra, which today has millions of users worldwide, which promises to translate into great benefits.
It is a milestone in our history and a new step in our evolution.

Phot by rawpixel on Unsplash
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