All your sales cycle
in one Suite

At XSales® Mobility we offer innovative products and tools that radically improve the performance of your Company throughout its sales cycle.

XSales® SFA

Is a sales force automation solution focused on providing key tools & information to control & monitor the entire sales process: order taking, billing, delivery, collection and settlement.

XSales® SFA is 100% configurable, ERP centric and brings all Business Rules to the hands of your sales reps, improving their overall performance before, during and after serving customers.

  • End-to-end Solution for Pre-sales, Direct Sales and Delivery.
  • Full visibility & control over your Company’s sales ecosystem (including Third-party Distributors).
  • On-site invoicing, truck inventory management and Delivery options (adjustments & proof of delivery).
  • Key industry features & functionalities to reach peak performance at the point of sale.

XSales® Consumer

Is an online self-service platform that enables Suppliers to receive pre-sale orders directly from Customers.

After a simple registration process, Customers can access from the app to the Supplier’s profile, prices & promotions and place direct orders at any time, from anywhere.

New segments, channels & geographic coverage.

Mobile Advertising In-App.

Service costs reduction by customer segmentation.

Lowest flat rate per transaction (not %)

XSales® Maps

Is a mobile workforce supervision platform that gives you total control over your field teams’ activity.

It provides a visual GPS map representation of Transactions, Owners (transaction creators) and Point of Interests (POIs), transmitted by any (or multiple) data source(s).

  • Answers all questions related to visit location & order execution (planned vs. real), geographic visibility, proximity to POIs and all transactions created in the field.
  • Actively traces mobile users activity through breadcrumbing (even when not creating transactions).
  • Allows data segmentation according to the Organizational Structure.
  • Alert System, notifications and many other features to come in our road-map.

XSales® Store

XSales® Store is a digital platform of mobile applications for devices with the Android Operating System. This App makes it easy to configure application distribution, perform mass updates, and execute controlled deployments by creating groups and intelligent segmentation through an Administration Console.

With XSales® Store, you can manage the release of versions quickly and effectively.

One-click massive apps upload & updates.

Role-based access managed from the console.

The right proportion of visibility & features.

Fast & easy execution of controlled app deploy.

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